Start Up ongoing review episode 9 Kim Seon Ho is jealous of Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy finds out and leaves a farewell letter

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In episode 8 ending, Dal Mi finds out who the letter writer is, from  comparing Han JiPyung’s hand writing, but she keeps it a secret. Meanwhile,  Han JiPyung, wanting to make Nam Do San jealous, gives him Dal Mi’s hair band that was left in the car while he was giving her a lift from a tired journey. It was time for Nam Do San to contemplate, he was worried. He contemplates the wind that blew fifteen years ago might be coming again, and worries over falling off because he has no way to bring back the truth hidden behind all the lies.

Meanwhile construction company employees are not happy because of the new security alarm system In Jae company made. They protest and she faces the risk. In Jae’s motto is different. Reporters arrive due to protest and Samsan Tec’s new app for the blind gets interviewed. Dal Mi’s name is mentioned as the CEO. Nam Do San’s parents believe he is the CEO.

Nam Do San’s lie to his parents was discovered. And he fears going home and meeting his parents. Do San gets drunk and his friends call Dal Mi. She waits for a taxi with Nam Do San, and what I can’t believe is Han JiPyon comes at the same time, He picks them up and gives them a ride to Dal Mi’s house. Han JiPyon is jealous of Do San staying in the same house with Dal Mi, he also sleeps in the same room with Do San. Makes me laugh.  Later at night Do San finds out Dal Mi reading all the reviews on the app and crying secretly and answering them. He offers Dal Mi and grand ma a date with him on the beach the next day.

Finally Nam Do San clears his lies with his parents. I find it kind of funny comedy type, the actions of Do San’s parents. Next day Dal Mi Leaves a final farewell letter to the pen pal 15 years ago Nam Dosan, and tells grandma about it. Grandmother messages Han JiPyon about the letter. She also tells him not to disturb Dal Mi and Do San’s affair. but Jipyon expresses his true feelings towards Dal Mi to grandmother. Dal Mi accidentally takes grandmother’s phone and sees Han JiPyon’s message to grand mother’s Phone. She finds out that grandma and Han JiPyon knows each other even before she started receiving letters. She goes to the letter collection place and finds Han JiPyong red handedly with the letter. She phones Do San and ask where did he collect the letters from. Do San cannot explain. She finds with proof that they were both deceiving her. 

Although some events like Han jiPyong being there always with his car is a bit out of the box, the events have taken a twist in this episode.  Which side Dal mi will go to remains a question. Will wait for episode 10 to find out.

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