Flower of Evil complete review: Deep Secret hidden behind Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chea Won’s Seemly perfect marriage

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Baek Hee Seong the mettle crafts man (portrayed by Lee Joon G) and Cha Ji Won the hard hitting homicide detective (portrayed by Moon Chea Won), are a perfect couple with a lovable kid. On the outside, Baek Hee Sung looks like the ideal husband example of examples, a hard working man in his home studio, successful and able to provide the role of a husband and a father to their adorable daughter, what more could a wife ask for? But his perfect exterior hides some dark secrets, Secrets that his detective wife, Cha Ji Won should never learn

Unfortunately, secrets have a way of coming out eventually. Cha Ji Won lives for her work, as a detective she dives deep into her cases with curiosity and determination for the quest of truth, unraveling mysteries and bringing criminals to justice. When Ji Won takes a particular cruel case, she stumbles down a dark parth crumbling the very foundation of her happy life. She is determined to bring this evil psychopath to justice, only to find that the criminal she is chasing, may have been standing next to her all along.

Directed by Kim Cheol Kyu, “Flower of Evil” 2020 is a suspense thriller Romance game of cat and mouse and a high density emotional drama. A story about a man who even played love and a wife, who began to doubt his reality.


Beak Hee Song (Do Hyun Su) played by Lee Joon Ki

Lee Joon ki Plays the character of Beak Hee Song (Do Hyun Su) before, a conditioned psychopath who is unable to recognize and express feelings. to forget his painful past and have a new life of love and care, with his detective wife and adorable daughter, he plays the perfect husband and father any woman would like to have. He would do any thing to stop his wife finding his past life.

Cha Ji Won Played by Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won plays the homicide detective who breath and live to uncover the truth behind crimes and bring the criminals to justice. She is blessed with a wonderful husband and an adorable daughter, but finding the truth is her priority.

Do Hae Soo Played by Jang Hee-Jin

Jung hee Jin plays the character of Do Hea Soo, Older sister of Do Hyun Soo. The daughter of a serial killer, who survived a terrible family history alone. With reporter kim Moo Jin appearing in her life again, she is unaware of what dark secrets might come out and awaits her destiny.

Kim Moo Jin played by Seo Hyun Woo

Kim Moo Jin is a reporter who has immediate links to Do Hyun Soo’s past. He is the school friend of Do Hyun Soo and also Kim Moo Jin loves’ Do Hyun Soo’s sister Do Hae Soo. He helps the police to investigate the criminal case, and also helps Do Hyun Soo.


Flower of Evil was unique from the very beginning. As it progressed on, things are less from the original drama perspective. The acting, the character development and the feel kept me wanting to watch this drama episode after episode. When I come to think of it, Why only in episode 5 or 6 the show reveals the true identity of Baek Hee Song to Cha Ji Won, but it was part of the drama itself. wanting to show the wife the real identity of the husband, and wife would start chasing his past and unravelling it, but still wants to trust him completely.

Flower of Evil presented and unbelievable chemistry between Lee Joon Ki and Moon Chae Won. Why didn’t we se it in “Criminal Minds”? Because Criminal minds is a crime suspense thriller drama, whilst “Flower of Evil” is not only Crime, but it is also a Mistry romance thriller combination.

Lee Joon Ki in the “Flower of Evil is an exceptional character in the world of drama. His eyes give so much emotion, and he cries very beautifully according to the character. He is one of the very few actors who can express so much emotion. Baek Hee Seong (or Do Hyun Su in his past) was conditioned by his father and people round him to believe himself to be mentally emotionless psychopath. He learned how to express human emotions by watching tutorial videos. That was hart aching.

Our Pretty detective Cha Ji Won played by Moon Chae Woon, is very natural. Her chemistry with Lee Joon ki is wonderful. A very talented actress. She portrays the emotions of a wife, after finding the truth and yet wanting to trust him. My hart went to her when she herd the conversation between brother and sister. And She hears that her husband had never had feelings for her. She walks like a lost person. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she burst out with anger, all natural.

Unlike in the Criminal minds, where there was no romance between the two, this drama has all romance and chemistry with their cute little kid Eun Ha, they looked a perfect family,

Reporter Kim Moo Jin played by Seo Hyun Woo is such a cute guy, he plays a main role in the development of the story as a bridge to Baek Hee Song’s past, sometimes indecisive, I could understand the friendship between him and Do Hyun Soo, present Baek Hee Song, and the love budding again between him and Do Hyun Soo’s Sister Do Hae Soo played by Jang Hee Jin. She plays the role of Do Hyun Soo’s older sister hidden with guilt and fear, undergone suffering for a long time alone. It is hard to overcome that fear of the past, she is hesitant to start a new relationship with kim Moo Jin, Sometimes, her actions would spoil her brother Do Hyun Soo’s plans, he has to stop her from helping. Drama could have developed some romance between Kim Moo Jin and Do Hae Soo.

Then, we have Baek Man Woo and his wife Gong Mi Ja, Baek Hee Seong’s parents. Later we come to know, together with pretending Baek Hee Song, two of them are hiding a big secret. Baek Hee Song is not their real son. In fact, they are hiding their real son, who is in a coma for many years, inside their house. at first, this was not clear to me why they did that. In later episodes it comes out as a past scene. (SPOILER ALERT!) Do Hyun Soo was hit by a car accident by their real son Baek hee song. Real Baek Hee Song was trying to burry Do Hyun Soo who was unconscious, but Go Mi Ja’s action makes real Baek Hee Song into the coma state he is now in. They make Do Hyun Soo live as Baek Hee Song. Those two live in guilt for not being able to protect their own son.

Later in the drama, Baek Hee Song (Portrayed by Kim Ji Hoon) miraculously wakes up from his coma, and this makes the already complex plot into chaos. The twist is given to the drama by Kim ji Hoon’s acting is wonderful. He was the real Psychopath. The horror and suspense livens up the already mellow drama. I was completely absorbed in. The Flower of Evil is the real Baek Hee Song.(SPOILER ENDS)

The story telling and the flow was a little bit confusing at first, I thought. But I later realised that the approach of this drama was different from normal K dramas. Telling the past scene at the beginning relating to the present link made sense. Every actors contribution to the show was wonderful. I got myself engrossed in their acting. I loved the main couple, Do Hyun Soo and Cha Ji Won and their journey of trusting each other. I really felt for Lee Joon Ki’s pain as Do Hyun Soo, when he realizes that Cha Ji Won has already known his identity and pretended not to know, and has been trusting him all along. My thankful applause to Lee Joon Ki and all at this project, it will remain unforgettable in my mind.

Overall rating :10/10

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