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Korean drama fans must have known this one drama

Startup is TVN’s latest drama starring Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk and kim seon ho.

Like most other korean dramas ths drama also has a love triangle.that is no less interesting.

This drama tells us SEO Dalmi SuZy, who has written letters with a boy in the past.

The boy claims to be Nam Dosan. Even Though he is actually Han ji Payang The exciting story begins when the three of them have grown up. CEO Dalmi grows up to be a beautiful girl who is still struggling to set up her own company. Meanwhile Nam Do San is struggling to keep his company Samsontech. And Han Ji Pyon is a successful investor.

A love triangle begins when Han ji pyon tries to mee with CEO Nam Do San, at the request of her grandmother. When CEO Dalmi and Nam dosan got close, JiPyong also began to show jealousy. Due to this, many viewers of the drama start up were split into two teams, Namely team Do San and Team Ji Pyong. There are fans who agree that Seo Dalmi is in a relationship with Nam Do San, But many viewers also disagree and want her to be in a relationship with Han ji Pyon. When this article was written, Ji Pyong raised the trending topic on indonisian twitter. It seems that most of the viewers in Indonesia are in favour of Seo Dalmi and Han ji pyon couples. Even so the drama start up is not only the love story between three characters. The drama start up viewers can see and learn about the struggles of the  startup founders, so that they develop into a successful startup company. What team do you favour? Do San or JiPyong?

Episode 8

Welcome kdrama fans, the opening. At the start of episode 8, the morning group is preparing a legal challenge due to Do San’s outburst. New ideas, nun sa ha tells the team what she expects from the solution. Do San agrees that the apps that are assisted to be differential. Han Ji Pyong’s disagreement.The  team is all in agreement with this idea but later on Han Ji Pyong disagrees with it. 

Persuasive Dalmi

Dalmi unexpectedly talks  Do San’s letters, Which catch on Ji Pyong off guard before going in to re-pitch about having the ability to reach people.

Bring In Jae back

InJe’s stepfather rings her mother and asks her to bring in Jae back.She wasn’t aware.  

Time to look for an investor

With a new solution getting developed, Dal Mi arranges various meetings with potential investors to try and secure funding.

An exhausted Dalmi

After an exhausting day trying to convince an investor in Samsantech’s new built solution, Han Ji Pyong picks her up. 

Uploading to the app store.

Dal mi returns to the team and they tell her that the solution can have a ninety percent success rate. They want to upload it onto the app store.

Not many downloads.

Next day the team learns that they haven’t had many downloads and DalMi is relieved and the team is confused.

A turn of fortunes, but it might be costly.

The Next day Do San is on TV with the basketball legend talking about him. He knows him from when he was younger, and he is endorsing the app. 

Detailed feedback.: Mrs Choi gives dosan some detailed feedback on the app and thanks him. She is appreciative of him helping out Dal Mi.

Seeing chairman Won,

The next day, Dal mi asks injae, if she can see her stepfather Chairman Won. She is on edge and is desperate.

The Voice recording:

But then there is a twist. It seems that Dal Mi recorded her last meeting. And it doesn’t put the chairman in a good light. It sounds like he is taking advantage in young Entrepreneurs and their ambition. 

The ending

Late in the night, Dal Mi sees a letter from Han ji Pyoung and Do San’s letter from his younger days.. She sees that the handwriting is very similar. The truth is slowly forming in her head that she now knows Han Ji Pyon sent those letters when she was younger.

Episode 8 presents a funding issue for Samsan tech, which puts Dal Mi in a precarious position. The issues are the same but the secrets that hangs over the  characters is beginning to come 

To the surface which  makes for the interest of the second half of the series. 

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