Kim Ji Hoon says acting with Lee Joon Gi on drama “Flower of Evil’ was fun at an interview with Chosunilbo.

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[Sports Chosun Reporter Moon Ji-yeon] Actor Kim Ji-hoon (40) mentioned the breathing of Lee Jun-ki, Nam Ki-ae, and Son Jong-do.

In the recently ended tvN drama The Flower of Evil’ (directed by Kim Cheol-gyu), Kim Ji-hoon played the role of Baek Hee-sung, who has a psychopathic tendency, and played the role of The End of Evil’. ‘Flower of Evil’ is a drama about the story of Do Hyun-soo (Lee Jun-Gi), a man who had been framed as a serial killer for 14 years, and his wife Cha Ji-won played by (Moon Chae-won), who began to doubt his reality. Among them, Baek Hee-seong, played by Kim Ji-hoon, is the real culprit who caused the serial murder 14 years ago, and the person who lived his life instead of Do Hyun-soo. From the second half of revealing his existence, Kim Ji-hoon gave a perfect attraction to the play as Baek Hee-seong.

Since Kim Ji-hoon debuted in the KBS2 drama Loving You’ in 2002, he has appeared in a number of dramas, but there were few opportunities to show his acting skills because of his handsome appearance. Since then,’Goddess of Marriage’ (2013),’Come! Jang Bori’ (2014), etc. The weight he had been losing so far gave power to his image transformation, and his long-haired hairstyle became a hot topic every day. The creepy acting ability was enough to instill fear in the viewers, so it received applause from viewers every time.

On the 28th, Jihoon Kim held an interview for the closing of The Flower of Evil’ in writing. The reason Baek Hee-seong, played by Kim Ji-hoon, was able to shine was because of his creepy acting ability as well as acting breathing with other actors exerted synergy. Kim Ji-hoon said about Lee Jun-ki, who appeared in the opposite direction, “It was a very pleasant work to act together with actor Joon-gi. There are things that can be communicated between people who are sincerely acting. They are very sincere and full of passion and tenacity for acting. Because of this, the moment we acted together, I was very happy. I think that the body is hard but the mind is happy, and I can feel it when I do what I really like, but I think that me and actor Junki must have the same mind while acting together.

“Moreover, it would not be easy to just take care of your own acting, but I was able to learn a lot from the atmosphere and leadership that lead the scene as a leading actor. It would be very difficult to be in the best position for that long time. He is more delicate and passionate than anyone else, but once he puts on his name, he really pours everything in”. 

I couldn’t miss the story of Gong Mi-ja (Nam Ki-ae) and Million-woo (Son Jong-hak), who were able to meet the most. Kim Ji-Hoon said, “When both of them are immersed in acting with tremendous energy, I was able to receive a lot of energy while acting together. Especially in the case of Mija Seniors, I was so immersed that I was acting, so I felt emotional for a long time even after the director shouted OK’ .

There were many cases where you couldn’t get this calm.. There were scenes where Hee-sung was stabbed, and in scenes where Hee-sung, who killed the housekeeper, was terrible, and she was so immersed in the situation of Mi-ja in the drama. I received a lot of energy. I think my mother acted so realistically that Baek Hee-seong could look more scary and creepy.”

“And the last seen with Son Jong-hak was very muddy, but even though I was just looking at my father’s face, I had a feeling that was too salty and sore. Thanks to him, at the end, I think that Hee-seong could also look more human. I remembered that each and every one was so precious and a happy shooting site.

Kim Ji-hoon reviews his next work after completing The Flower of Evil’.

Please note: This article was a translation of Chosunilbo

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