It’s ok not to be ok Drama review: Starring Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-Ji as the pair of lovers, the Korean drama series aired its final episode on tvN on August 9.

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Starring Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-Ji as the pair of lovers, the Korean drama series aired its final episode on tvN on August 9.


This drama series is about three adults traumatized by the parental abuse and murder when they were kids, learn to accept other people into their hearts, overcoming their bad memories taking us in to crime and mystery in the shows last few episodes telling us what exactly happened.


Sang Tae’s autism is very accurately done and his portrayal is just phenomenal. Gang Tae was absolutely inspiring for how he looked after his elder brother when they were kids.

To my understanding, he missed the moments with his mother, because all her attention had to be given to Sang Tae. He has never been the centre of attention, that he has never been in a meaningful relationship with anyone except his brother, where he did not have to be in control.

Once drawn to Mun-Yeong, he let go of everything without hesitation forgets t his brother, who is precious, Of course, he deserves to live his own life, but he seems to follow whatever the rules Mun-Yeong come up with. He as a caregiver of a psychiatric clinic should be aware of this. She is a difficult person to live with. May be he is applying his psychiatric skills here.

Mun-Yeong behaves like a teanager with Ju-Ri. Antisocial personality disorder is too much for the viewer to bearwith. She also sexually assaulted Gang Tae When he was in the changing room topless. She is incredibly manipulative. 

I think only people like Gang Tae who works with people with psychiatric disorders can bear her. 

Part of Sang Tae, the big brother’s understanding of his little brother even though he is Autistic, is the moving part of the story. He understands that his brother needs a life of his own. He manages to get into a life of doing what he loves, and lets his younger brother off in a very emotional way. Sang Tae’s character is the  most prominent in this series. 

In his younger days he has seen a murder, and that must have affected him a lot. His being afraid to paint butterflies, and finally his painting put the facts together.

I cannot give this drama 90 percent. Can give 40 percent.

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