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Character and casts

Suzy as Seo DalMi

Seo DalMi entered the university however she left school because she wanted to earn more than one hundred million KRW to start a business. She has done so many part-time jobs.

She started her social life early so she has connections and good relationships.

She refuses to lose it to her older sister who is a chaebol of the second generation. So she started to dream to be like Steve Jobs in Korea.

When Seo DalMi was young, Her Mother left her father and married another man. When she is leaving, she asks her two daughters whether they would come with her. DalMi’s older sister Won InJae chooses to go with mother, while DalMi choses to be with her father. Dalmi wants to make sure the choice she made was the right one.

Meanwhile, DalMi’s grandmother was helping a high school student who had no parents and no where to live. Feeling DalMi’s loneliness, she asks this student ‘Han JiPyung’ to write a letter to DalMi as someone who once saw DalMi. This student assumes a fake name, seeing a name of a mathematics genius kid, ‘Nam DoSan’  on the paper, Student ‘Han JiPyung’ started writing letters to DalMi under Nam Do San’s name. DalMi wrote back to Nam Do San, and this went on and on being a penpal. DalMi considered Nam Do San as her first love. DalMi’s father, planning to start a business of his own, dies after an accident. Even after that, the letters kept her comforted.

Nam JooHyuk as Nam DoSan

Nam DoSan is the founder of SamSanTech.

He loves coding and knitting. He likes to boast the time when he won the Youngest Grand Prize Math Olympiad as a child.

However, 15 years later, his family is on the verge of humiliation. With his friends, he jumped onto a start-up business and it has been 2 years since the foundation but he has only been eating up the investment. with no business skills.

He is determined to apply to “Sandbox” to get help and funding for his business, but has no idea how to progress. Meanwhile DalMi’s Mother and sister are back in Korea. Sisters want to show off. Won InJae invites her to a networking party. Not wanting to be second to InJae, DalMi boasts about Nam DoSan. Now she has to go with her boy friend to the party. What to do? she tells grandma wanting to find and see real life Nam DoSan.

Kim SeonHo as Han JiPyung

He is paying debts back to DalMi’s grandmother who did a huge favor to him in the past. Now a successful business advisor, grandma asks him a great favor. Please find Nam DoSan for her granddaughter. 

JiPyung checks up on DoSan and finds out that even though he is a genius, that person is a mess. He will never be successful. He and grandmother try to prevent them meeting. JiPyung explains everything to DoSan and DoSan reads all the letters DalMi has written. Even if it doesn’t make sense to him.

JiPyung tries to explain to DoSan that his company will never succeed. and he also requests DoSan not to meet DalMi, Mainly the letters and everything was a lie will not be good for her mentality right now. 

He even offers money to DoSan saying he should not meet DalMi. DoSun is desperate, he refuses money and requests help to get into the “sand box” instead. JiPyung refuses telling “people like you will never get in there”.

Kang HanNa as Won InJae

he is a second-generation chaebol (coming from a rich family) . She does not want to be recognized for her family background, but her skills. after her stepfather gave only fourteen percent of holdings of his company to her, without giving her the control, she applies for Sandbox to fund herself a new company, where she will be the CEO.

Desperate Nam DoSan, brain racks after hearing JiPyung’s words. He ponders, now he has two cards to play. JiPyung and DalMi. Since he never made promises to JiPyong, he goes to the networking party to meet DalMi. Now he has to tell lie after lie to DalMi, pretending that the letters have been written by him. And he gives his business card to her. JiPyung makes Nam DoSan look like a rich and successful CEO. Nam Do San, who has never dated before, has to pretend that he is DalMi’s boyfriend in front of her sister. Meanwhile, DalMi gets so impressed by DoSan’s lies, (obviously all of them are created by JiPyong), Finally DalMi resigns from her job and dives head over heels to do her own business and applies to the sand box.

Nam DoSan starts to become fond of So DalMi, but what is disturbing is, the man in DalMi’s hart is the man who wrought the letters. Every thing she likes is the fake person. Only thing she likes about DoSan is his big hands. 

So DalMi, InJae and SamSanTech Nam DoSan get invitations to the entrance to Sand Box. Although Nam DoSan is focused in coding, he is not focused in business practice. His two friends are even worse.

So DalMi and InJae get selected in the first round as CEOs while Nam DoSan is left behind. So DalMi sees DoSan and realises that he has been lying to her. CEOs were given an opportunity to find their staff and company partners. Both DalMi and InJae offer Nam DoSan their hands in business, but the way of approach was different. InJae is a university graduate, while DalMi is not. InJae’s offer was made by asking “would you guys like to work under me?” While DalMi knows the person DoSan, and asks “would you like to take me as your CEO?”

DoSun considers the two offers and takes DalMi’s hand much to the disappointment of his friends. They do not like to work under someone who does not even have a university degree. In the drama, the director has made DalMi’s character a wise person caring about others feelings and also a quick and good decision maker. She makes decisions even the business advisor cannot think of. While the guys were arguing, she found a person to do the design and marketing even though that person seems not that reliable, she knows how to tame a person who does not have company ethics. What I see is DalMi is the person who Nam DoSan needs if he has to be in business.

The boys take DalMi’s idea, who does not know anything about software development or coding,  to develop a software needed by banks to identify handwriting. DalMi gives the presentation very beautifully, they get selected to the Sand Box. She selects Han JiPyung as their business adviser. DalMi and DoSan have a lot to learn. JiPyung says “you cannot make good decisions if you are afraid of other people’s criticism”. DalMi takes it to heart and resolves the share ownership problem by allocating the bigger share to the person most needed to the company, much to the disappointment of the advisor JiPyung. and much to the satisfaction of the coding members.

This drama has taken a very interesting turn, Yet we are in the sixth episode, the drama rated the most searched drama in Korea. I am waiting to see the upcoming episodes.

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