10 Most Searched Dramas In Korea as per 2nd November 2020

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The dramas searched by most people get the highest ranking. This does not mean most watched. But as per today’s data the ranking is as follows.


Seo Dal-Mi Drops out of university and takes up part time jobs to collect capital to Open her own business. She dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs.

Nam Do-San is the founder of Samsan Tech, is excellent with mathematics. But has poor business skills. They team up together to make each other’s dream come true.

2-Home made love story

Drama series follows the lives of people who live in Samgwang Villa.

Woo Jae-Hee, an architect who has feuded with his businessman father, now living independently in Samgwang Vila, meeting Lee Bit Chae Woon working for an interior design shop for the first time while at a house remodeling site.

Although they both reside in Samgwang Vila, each of them has a different feeling for the place. Jae-Hee has warm feelings for the residents and likes the general atmosphere there, While Lee Bit Chae Woon Dreams of leaving Samgwang Villa and the responsibility of being the head of household.

3-Phoenix 2020

Ji-Eun the the daughter of a wealthy family, is bright, humorous, beautiful and smart. Ji-Eun meets Se-Hoon, who comes from a poor family background. Once the top student at a prestigious university, had to drop out. They fall deeply in love and marry regardless of ji-Eun’s family strongly objecting. but Se-Hoon finds it difficult to stay married to Ji-Eun due to her family’s extreme meddling, after a misarrange, Ji-Eun Leaves him afterwards.

Ten years later, fate ironically reverses their lives. Se Hoon, is now a successful man, buys Ji Eun’s house out of revenge. But when he stands in front of her, he only wants to help. Nonetheless, there is Mi Ran, with whom he is in a serious relationship with, and next to Ji Eun is her new love, Jung Min, who is devoted to her. This drama is the 2020 version of the intertwined fates of four people’s love.


Koo Dong-Jin and Son Ye-Rim are monitory search members, trying to fight against a mysterious creature and struggle to get away from the DMZ. They build camaraderie through their struggle.

Koo Dong-Jin is a sergeant with only a little time left in the army. Son Ye-Rim is an elite officer and she has a secret about her birth.

5-Penthouse: War in Life

The story spins around real estate, education war, and a desire to be number one. It depicts the solidarity and revenge of women who had no choice but to become evil women to protect themselves and their children. It premiered on SBS on October 26, 2020 and airs every Monday and Tuesday at 22:20

6-Fly Dragon

Park Tae-Yong and Park Sam-Soo fight for judicial victims who are falsely accused.

Park Tae-Yong a public defender. Was born as the son of an undertaker on an island, did not take the typical route to become a lawyer. After graduating from high school, without going to a university, later passed the bar exam and became a lawyer. He is full of justice and has empathy for others. He will defend all kinds of petty offenders. A turning point occurs in his legal career when he becomes the first attorney to win a general criminal retrial case.

Park Sam-Soo is a reporter. After he graduating, he worked as a temporary employee. Thanks to his excellent writing skills, he became a reporter. He looks for stories which are ignored or passed over by other reporters. He is easily moved to tears and is soft-hearted.

7-A man in a vail

This drama tells the story of a man with seven-year-old intelligence after an accident, the love and desires of two women surrounding him, and those facing dreamlike miracles on the thresholds of death.

Lee Tae Poong (Kang Eun Tak) has the intelligence level of a seven year old after an accident. Meanwhile, Han Yoo Jung (Uhm Hyun Kyung) is a person with a happy personality that dreams of becoming an announcer. But because her is family is poor she has to let go of her dream and start working to provide for her family. She also deals with the guilt from her twin sisters wrongdoings.


The story of this series is about “opportunity” and “choice”.

Kim Seo-jin has a perfect life with a beautiful wife and daughter, and a successful career. He is very determined about work and thrives to become the best. But his seemingly perfect world is shattered when his daughter, Kim Da-bin, goes missing in a charity event they all were attending.

After the police confirms it as a kidnapping, Seo-jin receives a mysterious phone call followed by a parcel. The contents of the parcel shocks Seo-jin and his wife and the police confirms the death of their daughter. Seo-jin’s wife, Kang Hyun-chae, succumbs to the shock.

Han Ae-ri is a hard working daughter to a terminally ill mother. Her whole world revolves around her mother and Ae-ri works very hard to earn money for her mother’s surgery. But her mother disappears from the hospital without a trace, leaving her with no clues. She calls her number to find her lost phone but a man receives the phone claiming to be from one month in the future.

9-Tale of the Nine Tailed Fox

“Tale of The Nine Tailed” is an awaited fantasy drama of 2020.

Gumiho or nine-tailed fox is part of the Korean mythology (with similar fantastic creatures in Japan and China). It is often a beautiful woman that seduces men to eat their liver or heart. There are various Korean dramas on this theme and usually, it is a woman.

Lee DongWook is popular across the globe and the actor is the lead. He acted in numerous popular dramas such as “My Girl”, “Goblin”, “Life“, “Touch Your Heart“, “Hell is Other People” and more.

The actress Jo BoAh is the lead actress and she has acted in “Goodbye to Goodbye”, “My Strange Hero“, and “Forest“. Kim Bum is also a lead actor. He was discharged from the military earlier this year and it is his first drama since then. The actor has acted in the famous drama “Boys Over Flowers”, and also “Goddess of Fire”, and “Hidden Identity”.

10-Record of youth

It tells the growth record of youth who are working hard to achieve their dreams and love without losing hope.

data source : Kpopmap.com

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