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This is a story you can watch during fall at home while relaxing with the kids. The final episode ended airing in October 2020.  A romance, family story, where a single mother, Oh philjeong (Hyum Juni) who used to be in an unhappy marriage previously, wants to marry a rich guy for the children who want a rich father. 

The reality is harsh for single moms who have to live with their children Without the ability or money. Because of this situation, she chooses to remarry on behalf of her kids. Before being a woman, she, a mother, sits in a confrontation today with the belief that children will be happy if only the father they want is made rather than her own. Will the dream of the first and last wind of life come true?

A pleasant and thrilling story begins as to whether you can keep the heart – fluttering love that came to you for the first time as a woman.

Kang Seok- Jun – Real name: Kim Seung-Jae, Played by (Lee Jae-Hwang) , Was brought up by Kang Tae-soo, the Chairman of LX Group, played by (Lee Won Jae), as his own son. Kang Seok Jun was agreed to be married to Park Hae Jin, Played by -(Park Ji Soo), who is determined to marry him no matter what. She even uses her father to lend money to the company in difficult times, to keep Seok Jun on tight grip so he cannot refuse for the sake of the company. Seok-Jun, pondering over his fate, comes up with a brilliant idea so he could free himself from the bothersome bond. Will he be able to go back to his true love? With so many evil characters dominating around him?

The Chairman’s weakness of hiding the origin of Seok Jun makes his wife, Kim Hye Jung Played by (Yang Geum Suk ) and her son Kang Seok Hwan played by (Kim Hyung Beom), go to such extremes as committing a crime to hide a secret. The character of the chairman and father is someone engrossed in his own affairs. Even though a good man, his character is selfish. Only thinks about the company and it’s future. Brother! people are not toys where you can put them in the toy cabinet and will stay smiling in the same place. you have to make them feel loved so they give their love back to you. I wonder why the director made this chairman so stupid. When he understands his weakness, It is too late.

Character of Seok Hwan even though a perpetrator, he is someone who made me laugh. He is an innocent fool carried away by his mother’s and Wife’s actions and without being able to outperform his brother, he finally listens to his young son and learns to accept life. His deep love for Eun Joo is something remarkable. After all the evil Eun Joo has done, he takes her guilt on him as well to protect her.

Seok Hwan’s wife, Lee Eun Joo played by (Moon Bo Ryung ), is a character capable of any underhanded work. She gambles for the throne. First she avoids seeing Seok Hwan because of her love afar with a fellow teacher, going to elect council member. She gambles among Power and Money. With her mother of a peculiar accent, always supporting her decisions. Whilst her brother and uncle are on disapproving side. When it fails, She gambles among the two brothers, and she choses Seok Hwan over his handsome much favored brother Seok Joon, when she finds out Seok Joon is not the legitimate son and Hye Jung being a much stronger supporter of Seok Hwan, She gambles that Seok Hwan is most likely to be the next chairman. Her evil does not end there, She is someone who is breathing vengeance and a schemer. She manages to make a slush fund for herself in case if her marriage ends with Suk Hwan.

Oh Phil Jung’s Sister, Oh Sun Jung and Lee Eun Joo’s brother Lee Tae Woo, makes a beautiful young couple. These two provide the drama with new life when ever they are present. Lee Tae Woo first seems like a slaking guy, but together with his love, they over power the powerful mother and sister with tact and much laughable sense of humor.

Choi Dong Seok, Tae Woo’s uncle provide a lifting up and bridging part in Phil Jung’s love, making the drama of Phil Jung, Seok Joon and Hea Jin, a four way love story by loving Phil Jung. He realizes that Phil Jung will never be happy with him and at the last moment decides to intervene.

What I noticed in this drama is sometimes the Heroic characters are getting weaker than the villains. But the other characters play a good part in the drama, so we can forgive the weaknesses of the main characters. Min Ho and Min Ji bring light to the drama. Especially Min Ho being a bright and a loving boy who thinks about his mother’s happiness always, and willing to sacrifice himself for his mother’s happiness. is something that bring tears to my eyes. Min Ji’s little childish talk is warm and welcoming . Overall rating, I would like the drama to be more strong in emotions and have a fullness. The ending could have been more romantic.

Overall rating : 5.5/10

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