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Kings Doctor

Story revolves around the Joseon period in a time where surgery on the human body was introduced. The Plot is about Two individuals whose lives became twisted on the day of their birth, Baek Gwang-Hyun and Kang Ji-Nyeong, Yet their common interest and fate itself bring them together regardless of society, as a doctor and a nurse.

Baek Gwang-Hyun, who was born to the highest and the wealthiest family of the country, thrown to the deep depth of Society, finds his way back to the palace as the king’s doctor. Kang Ji-Nyeong, who grows up in his place inheriting his wealth, goes to be a nurse regardless of the society barriers. They meet up again for a common cause of helping the poor and sick people.  

Their Love blossoms, society is so cruel that they cannot end up marrying even if their fates are twisted again. Gwang-Hyun and Ji-Nyeong together who risked their lives to save other people’s lives this is trivial. They will find a way out of it as well.

Such brave individuals who put their lives on the line to complete tasks even without knowing whether they will succeed or lose their heads are amazing to see. How Gwang-Hyun and Ji-Nyeong overcame the myriad of social barriers were heartwarming. Cho Seung-Woo as Baek Gwang-Hyun and Lee Yo-Won, as Kang Ji-Nyeong, play a wonderful part as actors in this drama.

Based on a true story, this is a well written and planned project, and the surgical procedures were like real life situations. Hats off to the director and people who supported this project, who gave acupuncture training to the actors in an old hospital environment before filming. So they looked the part of doctors for real. Furthermore, character aging is done gradually throughout the drama to the perfection through makeup. 

Gunman in Joseon

In the time of transition from sword and arrow to guns, Park Yoon-Kang Played by Lee Joon-Gi is the son of the king’s most trusted and faithful master swordsman in the Joseon dynasty. His father gets killed during a mission against guns, where swards can no longer stand the guns.

His father’s opponents pressure the king to name the dead as a traitor. Being unjustly tarnished his name and his sister taken as a slave, he has to run away to escape death. He miraculously survives. and comes back to Joseon to find his sister and clear his name and take revenge. This time he is not the young youth who ran away. He is a thousand times better gunman, businessman and a detective on his own and is audacious enough to talk back to the king.

Lee Joon-Gi shows his talent in all aspects of this drama. He plays many roles and a master of each role plus his famous kicks.

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